Scare Tactics & Propaganda
By now most residential owners have received – if not read – the 32-page glossy brochure from CSA.  It presents a case study of what is wrong with Sea Pines governance and demonstrates the extent commercial interests have overtaken those of Residential Owners – with the active support of CSA.  They are using every means at their disposal to force their opinion on unsuspecting residential property owners (RPO’s).

The brochure offers a well-produced but one-sided argument for why RPOs should permanently raise taxes on themselves by over 50% and fund about 95% of the new spending plan they want.  But the more you know – or care – the less likely you are to support the referendum they so desperately want to pass.

Sea Pines isn’t crumbling and property values aren’t dependent upon passing this referendum.  There is plenty of time and better, more achievable ways of supporting community infrastructure needs while balancing residential and commercial interests. The solution to any financial shortfall is a referendum that is fair to RPO’s and thus has a good chance of passing.  This referendum is neither.

The referendum is unfair to RPOs and deserves to be defeated.

We encourage you to vote NO in the upcoming referendum and equally important, please ask your neighbors to do the same. 

CSA has announced it will be getting periodic vote counts and intends to make telephone calls encouraging every homeowner to vote YES through the new CSA “Get Out the Vote Committee.  Every NO vote counts. Not voting is the same as a YES vote.

In the next few days, we will provide you with additional information on why to vote NO to share with your neighbors. 



Below is a direct quote from an exchange from Alliance President Greg Morris to Charlie Miner:

"Alliance is not your enemy. You could have had our endorsement of a simple referendum for additional funding. But you refused to stand with us on even the simplest of issues -- equity of weekly gate pass collections -- which wouldn't have cost the Resort one penny or any meaningful marketing advantages. 

You had all the power and chose this course. But now it's too late.  And it's not about blame. I just hope the next set of leaders will learn from this failure and do something else."




  • Equal treatment of rental properties between residential and commercial property owners
  • Enforcement of the existing covenants pertaining to gate fees and assessments
  • Financial obligations should be matched proportionally with those benefiting from the expense
  • Short-term problems should not be funded by permanent tax increases.
  • Funds are earmarked for specific use only. Unused funds are returned.


 With CSA making every effort to thwart our ability to reach other homeowners, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to help with postage to reach our non-resident neighbors. Every dollar helps. Thank you!