The Campaign Begins


Over the past several weeks, Alliance has been engaged in discussions with CSA and Resort leadership in an attempt to find common ground to solve the financial problems of CSA. It has been a useful and cordial exchange of views and ideas and some progress appears possible on a few minor issues. But no major breakthroughs were achieved. Fundamental differences of opinion remain about how best to equitably increase revenues and the legal interpretation of governing covenants and documents.

Alliance has identified nine issues that require resolution to achieve a compromise that could gain the necessary 75% level of support from residential owners. (We’ll be providing more information on those nine issues soon.) No party – residential owners, CSA or the commercial entities – has the power or ability to unilaterally impose solutions. Often the objectives of the parties are at odds. That is why we have proposed a “Grand Bargain” among all three interest groups where nobody gets everything wanted, but everyone gets mostly what is needed.


Indications are, however, that CSA and the Resort are unable or unprepared to pursue a grand bargain at the present time. This is unfortunate, because if CSA chooses to push forward with a referendum to impose new fees and higher costs before addressing the underlying issues, we believe that such an effort will result in failure.

Based upon present circumstances, Alliance can’t endorse a referendum for a new real estate transfer fee and a 30% increase in RPO assessments. There are better, more equitable and more achievable solutions to the financial problems. And much if not all of that could be addressed by mutual consent without the need for a referendum.

While the door remains open for future discussions and the sharing of information, it is now time to move on to the important task of electing new residential representatives on the ASPPPO and CSA boards. As this process unfolds we will share our views plainly and forcefully – as we are sure the advocates for the current CSA proposals will also do. This campaign, with spirited debate of the issues, may shine a light on the path toward solutions that benefit the entire Sea Pines community.