We Still Want to Agree


In response to the letter posted Thursday by ASPPPO President Charles Miner, the Alliance for Sea Pines Future emphasizes the sentiments expressed in our Aug. 29 email.  Although we are encouraged by the discussions so far with the CSA and the Resort, it is clear neither organization is prepared to pursue a grand bargain at the present time. Fundamental differences of opinion remain about how best to equitably increase CSA revenues and about the legal interpretation of governing covenants and documents.

Because these important issues remain unresolved, it is reasonable to expect they will be actively debated in the social media channels available to Sea Pines homeowners. It’s a vital discussion because we homeowners will be electing new CSA and ASPPPO board members in November.  

In our July 27 meeting with CSA and Resort representatives, we requested and were promised CSA information necessary for us to formulate and refine our proposals. We received that information only an hour or so before Mr. Miner’s statement was posted Thursday.  Obviously we have not had time yet to thoughtfully review the contents and consider how they may impact our proposals. Nevertheless, Alliance will soon provide the CSA representatives with our plan. 

Mr. Miner expressed the hope that “through open communication, we might find common ground on the future of Sea Pines and avoid a conflict.” We certainly agree. Our door remains open to continuing discussions that may lead to positive compromise and progress toward solutions that equitably benefit the entire Sea Pines community.