What CSA Doesn’t Tell You

Richard Matthews, ASPPPO Board Member

Please click here or on the above image to view the first in a four-part series of short videos about the disconnect between Sea Pines residential property owners and those we have elected to represent us on the ASPPPO and CSA boards.

The consistent and timely flow of information from CSA staff regarding Hurricane Florence (and its predecessors Irma and Matthew) should be used as a model for how the CSA board communicates with homeowners.

Despite paying a marketing firm tens of thousands of dollars a year to craft cheerful, obtuse communications, the CSA board often leaves residential property owners in the dark. Critical information is often incomplete or absent altogether.
The new videos show how homeowners are simply not represented appropriately. The link above will take you to a reasonable discussion of CSA secrets, financial specifics, how homeowners lost out in the new gate agreement – and what can be done now.

FACT CHECK:  In a subsequent email, we will provide information to substantiate the significant amount of gate revenue that is diverted to cover costs for the trolley.