What’s Next

 On Monday of this week (08/14/2017), Sea Pines Resort issued a press release indicating their decision to postpone the vote on a referendum pertaining to expansion of the Harbour Town Inn.  We commend their decision and comments regarding recognition of property owner concerns and their desire to be responsive in order to build overwhelming support for changes and enhancements that will impact Harbour Town and all of Sea Pines Plantation.

This is clear evidence of the commitment of The Riverstone Group and its leadership at Sea Pines Resort – Steve Birdwell and Cliff McMackin – to address the needs of their guests as well as property owners in a manner that is beneficial to all.


Resolving the conflicts and substantive issues that have arisen will not be easy. Compromise and cooperative spirit will be necessary. Supporters of enhancements – including Alliance – need to come together. There is much common ground including agreement that CSA requires adequate funding, litigation should be absolutely the last resort, and new investments by Sea Pines Resort could potentially have a very beneficial impact for residential property owners.


But a 75% threshold is a very high bar and requires addressing a broad array of interests and concerns. Ridiculing and dismissing those concerns is not an effective strategy. Its possible ASPPPO and CSA may require new leadership – or at least a new approach. The strategy they pursued from the outset and their reaction to the emerging concerns doomed the chances of a successful referendum.


We are confident all parties can come together to craft a win-win scenario. Happy residents and owners in Sea Pines Plantation are among the Resort’s best marketing tools.  A well-maintained, naturally beautiful Plantation setting is important for a 5-star Resort experience.  And a vibrant and successful Resort is essential for the long term well-being of the Plantation.  Let’s make the most of this chance for a new start.